(E.P. Dutton/Penguin, 1990)

      Chosen for the historic digital archives of the Wellcome Library.

       “Wingerson has succeeded admirably in simplifyiing what is sometimes
extremely complex research. . . She has done a fine job of writing about genes
and the scientists who are mapping the genome, and she has done it without
ever losing sight of the people whose illnesses provided the original clues.”
                         -- Perri Klass, New York Times

        “Engrossingly and accurately portrays the scientific world that is now
striving to isolate the genes behind genetic tragedies. I most enjoyed reading it.”

                        -- James Watson, Nobel Prize winnerfor co-discovering structure of DNA

        “Succeeds in presenting the fascinating issues of genetic science and ethics in a thoroughly engaging manner. By providing insights into the people behind the issues, Wingerson makes the world of genetics come alive for a wide range of readers.”
                       --Mark A. Rothstein, Director, Health, Law and Policy Institute
                          University of Houston Law Center

Contributor, Archaeology and American Archaeology

                   Staff writer, Discover

                   Contributing writer, New Scientist

                   Contributing writer, The Economist

                   Staff writer, Medical World News

                Staff writer, Newsday
                Staff writer, Bergen Record

                Managing editor pro tem, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

White Papers and Monographs:                  
                 Editor, University Health Publishing white papers on chronic conditions

                 Science vs. AIDS: Defining the Battle Lines
                            Rockefeller University

    Hidden Kingdoms
                            New York Hall of Science

Lois Wingerson