Lois Wingerson

Back in the day, we used to "commute" between Brooklyn and Dubois -- twice a year, winter and summer. My husband would drive. I sat in the passenger seat, with my laptop on my lap, working at my day job.

I was fortunate to be allowed to become a pioneer remote worker, long before COVID-19 was even a word. Now I work to help others who want to have the same luxury.

Mostly I communicate with other remote work advocates on LinkedIn,  There you may find my blog about Dubois, or my posts about remote work on paper.li.

With a group of kindred spirits in Dubois, we have founded Wind River Remote Works, whose goal is to help people who are working remotely in Dubois or want to do so.

We have networking events and are beginning a program to inform local residents about the potential of remote work to provide a reliable, year-round income in this town near Yellowstone National Park that relies primarily on seasonal tourism as its economic base.

Check us out on Facebook and LinkedIn. We are a chapter of the Grow Remote, which promotes remote work in rural areas worldwide.